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A mobile app that drafts into your fundraising activities is a great way to reach new donors and make giving easier for your existing donor base. uBack has helped countless organizations maximize giving opportunities through our app integration. Let us help you be successful. It’s important your organization thinks through how you can leverage the app to help your group be as successful as possible, raising critical funds for your cause. 

Here are four best practices that our most successful organizations follow as part of their mobile app integration: 

1. Communicate

Communicate. Communicate. Communicate. Let your donors know they can find you on uBack and how you expect it to help benefit them. Donors will appreciate your efforts to make it easier for them to contribute to your cause. Don’t wait for an event to let them know you’re on uBack. In media interviews, in newsletters, even on social media -- you never know when your base will be compelled to give. Let them know they can easily find you on the app. 

2. Drive Downloads

There’s no magic solution to getting donations online. If you want to drive mobile donations, you need to encourage your base to download the app. You know more than anyone that donors don’t typically magically donate (although when they do…it’s great isn’t it?). Use your donor touch points to encourage downloads. Launch a giveaway associated with downloads. Our use your corporate partners to donate a set amount to your cause for every download.   

3. Encourage Social Shares

Social networks can be powerful tools to help spread the word about your cause. Leverage the app’s social share function to drive downloads and encourage other mobile donations. Launch a social branded campaign to help spread the word about your app partnership. Perhaps you have a great video that tells a compelling story about the work you do. People love to share great content socially. Use that video to encourage people to spread the word about your uBack partnership.  

4. Corporate Match

Your corporate partners can be valuable tools to help your stakeholders use the app.  Direct your donor network to the app by promoting a company match. Here’s an example: 

“ABC Bank will match every donation that’s made this week through the uBack app. Help us reach our goal of $11,000 on 11/11. Donate today!”

Taking the time to strategically plan how you will get your donors to download the app will drive more funds and increase engagement, maximizing giving in the moment opportunities. 


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