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As a fundraiser, you know that there’s a trigger that drives a gift to your organization. Whether it’s a relationship with a high-powered community member, an individual who has been personally impacted by your work or someone who just feels passionately about the work you do in your community. There’s a moment of impact that you make through your marketing, your content or the personal relationships you build. Something happens that compels that person to make a donation.

How many times have you been in front of a crowd, perhaps at a luncheon or a community event, when you know the people in the audience were moved by what they heard, but they didn’t have time to fill out a pledge card or just didn’t take that extra step to give after the event? 

It’s a sea of missed opportunities. There’s a better way.

Why Mobile?

When you have a mobile app, you’re able to seize that moment of impact by presenting them a quick and engaging way to donate. When you have a mobile app, you’re able to seize that moment of impact. You’re able capture that moment when someone is motivated to give. Consider these facts:

  • 47% of donations are abandoned because the donation process is not engaging or intuitive.
  • Experts recommend mobile over, online as over 60% of information is viewed via mobile devices and an increasing percentage of donations are made via mobile every year ($150M in 2014).

How are you incorporating this behavior into your fundraising initiatives? 

A mobile app platform can help you leverage that online behavior and make it easy for you to capture the opportunity – when you make an impact on an individual. Mobile capabilities help you seize the altruistic impulse to give. Things like image and logo recognition within an app, customized donor profiles that allow people to donate in less than 30 seconds, and location tracking can help turn engagement opportunities into realized dollars for your organization.

Imagine the possibilities. Here are some ways you can leverage a mobile app with your organization:


Encourage participants to download the app prior to the event. Issue a $1, $5, $20 challenge at the event to drive “rapid-giving” and create buzz around your cause. Corporate partnerships or employee giving campaigns can extend the reach of your cause and drive further engagement.


Research shows that races are one of the most effective ways to bring-in money and engage the peer-to-peer aspect of fundraising.  Using a mobile app can help raise even more money by allowing participants to share their participation socially.

Golf Tournaments

Charity golf tournaments often raise some money with mulligan programs. Instead of slowing down momentum at the start of the tournament, encourage donors to give through the mobile app

Capital Campaigns

At the start of the campaign, communicate your work to make giving easy on donors. Then, promote the app as part of your campaign marketing. Donors will appreciate the ease of use and you’ll be able to seize the moment of impact.

uBack allows donors to give in less than 10 seconds. We can get you signed up in minutes – with no fees. Learn how your charity can take part now.





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