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Mobile Giving for Nonprofits

The uBack team loves nonprofits. We serve on boards. We volunteer. We give needed funds. 

As we worked with organizations on various fundraising initiatives, one of the most frustrating things for us was the inability to make giving easy on the donors. Sure, when you’re in a board meeting – it sounds easy.  The plan is for someone to get on the mic at the upcoming event, tell a personal story about how the organization makes an impact and then we hand out pledge cards and ask people to fill them out. The problem is people are then scrounging for pens. They aren’t actually giving money just yet, just promising to. Donors may feel uncomfortable writing their credit information on a form. Nonprofits are left to enter the information into the computer.  Some of them may even return the pledge card blank and promise to give online. 


Sound familiar? We’ve been there. Often, this very situation left us frustrated and wondering why people didn’t care as much as we did. 

That’s why we created the mobile app uBack. 

Whether it’s at an event or during your every day routine, there’s a moment of impact that drives someone to give. When you add steps to their process, you miss opportunity. In contrast, when you make giving easy – you garner more funds for your organization. Research shows the altruistic impulse lasts 8 seconds. If you can get the donor to act on that impulse in less time, you’re more likely to drive donations. 

Think about how much you do with your mobile phone every day. You use it for research. You engage with people. You write reviews. You order rides. You make purchases. It should be just as easy for you to donate to your favorite cause. 

At a recent Association of Fundraising Professionals event in Chicago, they noted that 47% of donations were abandoned because the opportunity to give wasn’t intuitive or engaging.  As fundraisers, we need to align with donor expectations. Your supporters are using mobile as part of their everyday routines.  It’s your responsibility to draft into that behavior. It shouldn’t mean you have to hire a development team and create your own mobile platform. What donor wants to have 30 different apps from various nonprofit organizations? In addition, you shouldn’t have to spend your monthly budget just for “the chance” to use mobile on behalf of your organization. 

That’s why we’re excited to introduce you to uBack. 

One app makes it easy. No sign-up fees makes it affordable. 

Engage your donors. Get started today. 






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