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Within our uBack team we feel that “talk is cheap” when it comes to doing things “for good.” Our team is not only passionate about helping resource strapped nonprofits ramp-up mobile giving initiatives and tap into a digital donor base but about personally contributing to the local communities where we live. A few causes that our uBack team is passionate about are below:

Developing Tomorrow’s Leaders

Our uBack team in Chicago is actively involved with several outstanding organizations (i.e., Girls Take Charge, Young Women’s Leadership Charter Schools and more recently Spark) who strive to empower young people to reach their goals and make a positive impact on their local communities. We believe our future will be brightest if the youth of today is supported and developed into the leaders of tomorrow.

Social Sector Talent Development

A member of our uBack team in Chicago is actively engaged with multiple organizations (including New Sector Alliance) whose mission is to strengthen the social sector by enriching its talent pipeline. Our vision is a social sector that engages and cultivates talent to effectively meet community needs. uBack is proud to mentor budding talent within the social sector.

Breaking the Cycle of Poverty

Our uBack team in North Carolina is actively involved in breaking the cycle of poverty in their local communities by focusing on the entire family through Family Success Centers. By focusing on integrating end-to-end services that support the family unit and environment such as financial planning and job placement, the cycle of poverty can be broken and families cannot just get a hand out, but a hand up!

Building a Healthy Spirit, Mind & Body

uBack is proud to support the YMCA, actively focused on building a healthy spirit, mind, and body in every facet of life through Christian principles. By connecting and engaging lives within the local community, the YMCA strives to be a foundational symbol of caring, honesty, respect, responsibility, and faith.

Enriching Lives through Arts & Culture

Members of our uBack team are active supporters of the cultural arts in North Carolina. From the opera and symphony to the museums, these organizations strive to enrich their local communities with music, art, and culture. Dedicated to the highest level of performance and delivering profound educational opportunities, these organizations elevate music and art to its purest form.

Prevention of Animal Cruelty

Helping to start shelters, presenting emergency pet preparedness programs, protecting wild horses and more the uBack team is proud to support the ASPCA®(American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals®), the leading animal welfare organization in the North America, to help bring pets and people together.

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